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Diagnostic Services

Stuart Cardiology Group, in conjunction with the patient’s primary physician, will carefully assess symptoms including shortness of breath, chest pain or irregular heart rhythm. If it is determined that further testing is needed, Stuart Cardiology Group has many diagnostic tools available to pinpoint and assess heart problems.

Stress Tests
There are several variations of stress tests; your doctor will decide which test is best for you. Exercise Stress
Stress Echocardiogram
Nuclear Stress Test

Nuclear Tests
Multi-gated Acquisition (MUGA)

An ultrasound is the use of high frequency sound waves to form an image. This process can be used in various locations.
Echocardiogram “ECHO”
Venous B Scan
Renal Artery Duplex

Arterial PVR/ABI
Arterial Imaging

Your physician may request a monitor to track your heart rate over a longer period of time then a standard EKG. This monitoring can detect abnormal heart rhythm which may lead to symptoms of dizziness, palpitations or black outs.
Holter Monitor
Event Monitor

Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP)
EECP is a noninvasive procedure used to increase oxygen-rich blood flow to the heart.

Pacemaker Clinic
Patients of Stuart Cardiology Group with Pacemakers or Defibrillators (ICD) are monitored and examined annually with telephone checks, completed every two months for implants less than five years old and every month for implants over five years old. Monitoring of Pacemakers can take place in our offices. Your Physician will recommend what type of monitoring is needed.

Cardiac Catheterization
Should an internal view of your arteries be required, a Catheterization may be ordered, this will allow your Physician to view your arteries from the inside.